Operation Walk
Reaching out to help a larger community
Operation Walk
    Dr. Gilbert is proud to have participated in three Operation Walk trips.  His first was to Chengdu, China the second was to Antigua, Guatemala and the third was to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Operation Walk is a charitable organization started and continued by Dr. Lawrence Dorr for the purpose of bringing advanced joint replacement to developing countries. 

    Dr. Dorr is a highly respected pioneer, leader and educator in the field of joint replacement and it has been an honor for Dr. Gilbert to participate.  The gratitude of the people that have been helped on these endeavors is heartening.  They often say that we have given their life back to them.

    This group of doctors, nurses, physical therapist, OR personnel and support people understand the importance of sharing our gift with the rest of the world.  What a fantastic and rewarding experience for all involved.  It is cliché, but true that they give more to us, than we give to them.

    Donations to this wonderful organization would be greatly appreciated.  They can be contacted at: www.operationwalk.com